People running away from war, oppression and indigence.

We are facing a lack of coordinated humanitarian aid to the situation in which lots of people are crossing our borders to escape war, oppression and indigence. We figure out that making this trip was not an easy decision and may have endangered the lives of their loved ones or worse. The decision they made and brought to Europe took a lot of courage. Therefore, we ask our leaders to show the same courage when they meet to find an answer that respects the human rights of each person, despite of their status. Currently, civil society organizations and hundreds of people across the EU are positioning themselves regardless many governments’ inaction by opening their homes, sharing their food and donating their clothes. We will continue pressuring our politicians to accomplish their humanitarian obligation to guarantee the provision of this services instead of letting individuals or organizations supply them without help. Although it seems that many of our leaders have forgotten the core values ​​of solidarity and human rights of the EU, we have not done so. The EU has the ability to welcome everybody, and the unwillingness to do so is a disgrace to us. It’s recognized their right to seek refuge in safer regions and to be treated with dignity. And it’s also recognized the contribution they can make and fight to give them this opportunity.