Association Members

These are the associations that collaborate with us within the platform to help people with deafblindness, hard of hearing or blindness.


EURO-CIU Mission – To promote, advance and protect the rights of Cochlear Implant Users –both adults and children – in the European Union.

EURO-CIU Vision – Equality of access for cochlear implantation in each EU country also inclusion in society, rehabilitation and appropriate training for both CI’s adults and CI’s children.


EDbN Mission – To raise the profile of deafblindness in Europe and ensure that all relevant policy-making work at the European level takes account of the needs of deafblind people and the significant people in their lives.

EDbN Vision – Achieve equal rights and full participation in society of deafblind people in Europe.


EDbU Mission – Work for equality and full participation in society for people with deafblindness in European countries and be representative and voice of them.

EDbU Vision To assist and then supervise the establishment of independent national organizations of people with deafblindness in all European countries where such organizations do not exist. Also work to increase.


EFHOH Mission – To promote, advance and protect the rights and opportunities of Hard of Hearing and deafened people in Europe.

EFHOH Vision – Equality of access for the 81 million Hard of Hearing and deafened people to live and work without barriers and have the opportunity to participate on all levels in the society.


FEPEDA Mission – Promote the equal rights of deaf and Hard of Hearing children and young people and their families across Europe, by enhancing their life opportunities and their quality of life, irrespective of their social, cultural and financial status.

FEPEDA Vision – FEPEDA is the European organisation of reference in the promotion of equal rights , in order to achieve a fully inclusive European society where they have equality of participation and opportunity.


EUD Mission – Promote, advance and protect the rights of and opportunities for Deaf people in the European Union.

EUD Vision – Emancipation and equal opportunities towards achieving an equal position in society with recognition of Deaf people as full citizens in their own right: recognition of the right to use an indigenous sign language, empowerment through communication and information, equality in education and employment.


EUDY Mission –Foster the personal development of young deaf persons and to further mutual understanding to advance and protect the rights of and opportunities.

EUDY Vision A Europe where all young deaf people are able to come together and share their experiences across cultures and boundaries, so they can enjoy their rights on an equal basis with others. Full social and political participation.


DDIFHOHYP Mission – Promote equal rights for hard of hearing young people: right to a good education, freedom of choice, the right to equal treatment at labour market, necessary technical aids and support.

IFHOHYP Vision Defend the interests of hard of hearing young people and express them towards international bodies. To serve as a platform for cooperation and exchange of information between organizations of hard of hearing youth.