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FEPEDA, the non-governmental umbrella organisation set up to represent associations of parents and friends of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children at a European level, organizes  the European Family Camp. The camp will be held in Dorfweil (near Frankfurt am Main), Germany, on 4th -9th August, 2019.

The camp is destinated to families with hearing impaired children and young people across Europe. The event is chaired by FEPEDA in collaboration with the German Association of Deaf Children, Hessian Association of Parents of Hearing impaired Children and German Youth Association for Young People with hearing impairments. All associations have put their experience together to offer a great event to all participants. For adults, they offer  lectures and thematic workshops to learn more about empowering hearing impaired children and youth facing future challenges. For children and young people there will be several different guided activities. The evenings programme is for the whole family. The programme is applicable for children from 4 years up to teens and young adults.

If you want to know more about the camp, consult “Invitation to the Eurofest Germany”, with all the information.