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In relation to the planned fusion of two principle suppliers of hearing aid batteries, Spectrum Brands and Energizer, we consider this transaction would give Energizer a dominant market position in the supply of hearing aid batteries.

If Energizer is allowed to buy Spectrum Brands, it would eliminate a notable contender in hearing aid batteries so we are concerned that this will lead to a higher price for hearing aid batteries and therefore will harm hearing aid users in Europe.

Energizer would become the undisputed market leader in Europe. With such a dominant market position, Energizer would have the power to increase the prices for its hearing aid batteries. As a result of the transaction, audiologists would be able to pass these price increases imposed by Energizer on to consumers and hearing aid users throughout Europe would be faced with higher prices and reduced choice of hearing aid batteries.

However, it is not too late to take action in order to defense the interests of hearing aid users in Europe. Before the transaction can be completed, it needs to be approved by the European Commission. If the European Commission is informed of this situation, it may decide to take proper measures to protect European hearing aid users. That’s the reason why we decided to write a short letter expressing our concern on behalf of the EPDHDB to the European Commission.

We, therefore, request the European Commission to study the transaction keeping in mind the probable impact for those European citizens who use hearing aids and implants and to take appropriate measures to protect their interests as a vulnerable group of consumers.