Objectives of the Platform:

  1. Create a common platform (European Platform of Deafness, Hard of Hearing and Deafblindness) that identifies us and makes us visible;
  2. Recognise each organisation through respective websites;
  3. Identify, arrange amd attend meetings together with representatives of the European Parliament and the European Commission and other relevant bodies;
  4. If possible, provide information on specific topics as required especially to assist in the development of position papers, policies etc;
  5. When applicable , refer request for information to the most appropiate organization;
  6. Organise at least two joint meetings per year on prior agreed agenda, place and date to discuss current issues and make agreements also via a virtual modality (electronic groups, Skype, etc.);
  7. Nominate at least one candidate for elections for EDF Board and Executive Committee;
  8. Prioritise the elimination of communication barriers.