Organize Debates

This Platform has been formed to enhance, strengthen and cultivate a robust and enduring collaboration between its members. In that sense, we organize conferences, debates and meetings where we can show our progress and find better ways to help deaf and deafblind people.

Compare Stadistics

In order to better understand the current situation of the deaf and blinf people in Europe, we record stadistics of every country and then we compare this information and find conclusions.

Spread the Message

Once we detect which situations requires more attention and assistance, we work to spread the message both between the political autorities of the European Union and its citizens. We work in order to convince them to enhance new politics in that sense.


Join Us

If you are interested in how we work in order to help deaf and deafblind people, you are welcomed to join our actions, prior communication. And if you can't come but you want to see them, follow us in our page and social networks.

If you want to know more...